Planning an All-Inclusive Beach Wedding

Beach-WeddingA beach wedding is a unique experience that you may really want, however, nature may have her own unpredictable agenda on your special day. The best tip I can offer is that you need to make sure that your select all-inclusive resort property offers a feasible backup plan if your ceremony or reception will be taking place on the beach.

In the event of a sudden storm your chosen resort should always have a secondary venue that is in close vicinity to your original venue so the wedding you and your guests can move quickly to that new location with minimal disruption. Now be really careful, because many vacation properties that do claim they have a backup location may end up being located on the other side of the property. These are important details to discuss and clarify with the resort wedding coordinator the moment you arrive at the property. Plus, when time permits have the coordinator walk you through the primary venue and show you where the secondary location is in the event that your beach ceremony is disrupted.

The experienced wedding coordinators who handle many destination weddings at their property will automatically monitor the weather the day of the ceremony. If there’s a chance that rain or high winds are going to be an issue, they will immediately discuss that you go with the backup venue and avoid the primary venue. I know this can be a real disappointment for you, but due to possibility of safety issues involved for the couple, guests and resort staff, it’s unfortunate that this would be the only option available unless the weather improved dramatically and early enough in the day.

When Having a Beach Ceremony is Non-Negotiable!

When you are completely set on having a beach ceremony and there is no room for negotiation, there are select resort properties that can offer the best of both worlds. When it comes to having a beach ceremony, these resorts have a number of options, including semi to fully covered wedding gazebos located directly on the beach. If it happens to be a rainy day, the ceremony can proceed under the covered Gazebo that will have the necessary protection from the elements.

If you’re looking to also have your wedding reception on the beach, this can be more complex as there’s other factors involved. One example is the resort staff having to transport the food from the kitchen to the beach venue, which can be compromised by heavy rain or high winds. Of course once the food arrives at destination, it also needs to be protected from the elements. Some resorts provide covered venues close to the beach, and it’s best to consider these inclusive properties if having a beach reception is extremely important to you. They may be higher in budget, but will give you peace of mind knowing that your ceremony and venue is protected.

You May Have to Sign a Waiver for your Wedding on the Beach

Vacation resorts that offer dinner receptions directly on the beach may enforce that you rent a covered tent on the beach for you event. However, if you don’t agree with the tent option, many resorts will make you sign a waiver that includes disclaimers where they are not responsible for any damage or disruption that is related to any bad weather. If you sign this disclaimer, the resort will be responsible to find a secondary location, but they would not be responsible for any costs related to the disruption. This is important to keep in mind when searching for your beach wedding venue.

When you find the right all-inclusive resort that offers a solid backup option for your beach wedding, it will allow you to relax and enjoy the overall experience with no sudden surprises!


How to Make Your First Meeting Comfortable and Enjoyable

first-datingIt can be exciting when meeting your date for the very first time, but it can also leave you anxious wondering how it will all go down. Some people make the mistake of trying too hard to make the date a success, but the more effort you try to make to impress your date during the meeting the higher your chances of failing. Simple preparations and remaining calm during the date can work in making the first meeting comfortable and pleasant for both of you.

Talk the day before the meeting

This is not only helpful in confirming that the meeting is still on but it also works in easing the tension that could be mounting. It will also help eliminate the weirdness of the meeting hence you will find it easy to start and hold a conversation when you finally sit down together.

Clean your record

A large number of singles dating online lie about one thing or the other when dating but when it is finally time to meet your potential partner, it only helps you come clean about things they are about to find out when they finally meet you. A date who cares enough and wants to know you better will not be thrown off balance with such confessions and will still go through with the date. If they can’t handle the confession, then they probably were not what you deserve.

Get ready for the date

Dress nicely for your date and have every hair in place. It doesn’t mean getting all dolled up, but at least make an effort to look good for your date. When you are confident with your image, then you stand to remain confident with the entire date because you will be feeling good about yourself.

Meet publicly

It is not only a matter of safety but also a very good way of easing tension between you too. When you meet in a public place you have lots of things around you that you can use to keep the conversation going and it helps you both relax and enjoy the company.

Don’t act any differently

Let the person you have been online reflect when you finally meet face to face. Yes, you might be tense about the date but do not allow this to make you act any differently. Remember your online image is what has made the person like you and when you are honest about who you are from the start, then it should not give you any problems keeping up with the person they know. For instance, if you have flirted online, then do not try to act as though you are the most innocent person on earth. Instead, use body language to make express what you did not express on the phone or mail.

Talk and listen

Showing that you are listening is very important when you meet but you should also play an active role in the conversation. Strike a balance between talking about yourself and asking questions, then listen attentively to what your date has to say.

Likely dating success start with knowing what you want in terms of relationship and the kind of person you want. When you have everything figured out awkward moments are greatly reduced.


First Date Rules for Women

First-Date-Rules-for-Women-300x224You recently met a really cute guy and can’t seem to stop thinking about him? Will he call you or will he not? What if he tried calling you but couldn’t reach you? What if he left a message on your machine… Anything is possible! Alright, so he finally does call you… Now what? You can’t possibly be thinking of going out to meet him with all your nerves so strung up, now can you?

So calm down, there are a few basic things that women must and must never do on their first dates. Of course these rules will apply only if, that particular date is important for you in the long run. If not, the ball is still in your court ladies. In order to spellbind your ideal man, you’ll need to gear up and drive into the dating arena! A confident and graceful women who knows what she wants and does what she pleases, is irresistible… and that my friend is plain and simple fact. So here are 10 first date rules for women to follow, that will keep the men coming back for more…

#1 – Be Confident
There are no rules to this thing. All you need to do is to be yourself. Remember that he liked you the first time itself, and that’s why he asked you out. And if you’re the one who asked him out, it’s even better, and he knows you’re a confident woman. Win-win situation isn’t it? Let your speech and posture be subtle and poised. Please try to avoid hunching or fiddling with your hair. These will be construed as signs of nervousness. Being well-informed about current events, politics, history, and things in common, will add fluidity to the conversation. Be lively, attentive, soft-spoken, and smart while conversing. Let the guy know that you are intelligent and know how to speak your mind.

#2 – Dress According to the Venue
Let your dress define your personality, but do not let it go overboard. If you are going to a not-so-upmarket place, like an outdoor cafe or restaurant, wear something semi-formal. Such as a short dress with comfortable heels, sandals, or boots. If it’s a classy place, wear a long dress or a short cocktail dress. Do not wear dresses that will give him the wrong impression about you. That being, either overtly eager to please or ultra boring. Add your own style statement so that it becomes evident that you are your own person and that it reflects in everything you say and do. You need not emulate the fashion trends of the season or wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. You must wear what you think suits your personality and fits you well.

#3 – The Right Fragrance Matters
Of course you smell good every time but make special efforts to wear an especially nice perfume on all your dates. If it’s a casual summer date, wear a perfume that has a fresh and fruity fragrance. If it’s a formal date, wear a strong and sensuous perfume. The entire point of smelling good is to keep him curious and interested.

#4 – Is He Even Worth It?
Notice, if he is as punctual and well-mannered as you are. These things are very important as they are bound to cause friction in later days, if both of you ever decide to take things further. Is he chivalrous, does he treat you with respect, is he attentive towards you, and not easily distracted by other females in the vicinity? Is he intelligent and ambitious? Has he strived hard in his career and has dreams of making something more of himself? If so, then he has passed the first test and if not, consider treating this as your last date with this man, please…

#5 – Talk About Fun Topics
We all want to be with people who we can have fun with. So bring out the lighter side of your personality, and tell him about the fun things you have been up to lately. Ask him about his favorite pastime and hobbies. See if you have common liking, such as music, partying, books, theater, or enjoying junk food! (as long as it is, once in a while!) Share experiences about your trips to new places, festivals, or events you may have participated in.

#6 – Observe and Report
No matter how good-looking your date may actually be, don’t let your imagination run wild. Listen to him carefully, you may get important information through seemingly simple statements such as, “I don’t believe in marriage’, or ‘I love hanging out with kids’. These can shed further light into your date’s actual personality as well as his true intentions. Choose what suits you best and go according to your gut feeling. Another reason to observe him carefully is because you want him to know, that you are absolutely interested in getting to know him better. So it’s better to talk less and listen more, especially on the first date. It’s a convenient as well as a safe option because; just in case the guy turns out to be a creep, you would have shared minimal personal information about yourself!

#7 – Big NO!
Don’t let the guy feel like he is your replacement shrink. This is one of the most important dating rules for girls and women of all age groups. Therefore, do not talk about your past troubles on your first few dates with any man! They don’t know you well enough to care and honestly they are least interested. Do not talk about your ex-boyfriend, who you were in a serious relationship with. Let him ask you first and then you can postpone this discussion may be for the 10th meeting or something. Try not to be inquisitive about his past affairs either. Let him discuss these issues on his own, that too if he ever thinks they are important enough to be brought up.

#8 – Let Him Take the Bill
Let the guy pay the bill on the first date. Unless of course, there is an awkward moment. From then on you may choose to dutch-the-bill, from the second date onwards. Don’t worry if the guy doesn’t respond for a second date because of money matters. He just isn’t worth it! Don’t waste your time and move on to the next Mr. Right.

#9 – It’s Not a One-Night Stand
Don’t let him think that the night has something more in store. All he should get, is perhaps a sweet goodnight. You are not expected to give in to anything more, even if you really want to. All that can wait for a later date, when you both are ready and are comfortable with one another.

#10 – Let Him Call Back
Never call him after the first date. Instead wait for him to call you and thank you for a lovely evening. If he does not ask you out again, understand that he is not interested in you. So do not be persistent and do not ask him out instead. Move-on, you have better things to do with your time. Also, if he calls a bit too often, then perhaps you should consider ditching the idea of a second date. You don’t want to be stuck with a desperate man, now do you? Go for a man who is sane and fun, if not the least.

Even though, dating is all about having a good time, there is still a very fine line between being available and being easy. Either way, it’s a matter of personal choice and that choice is only yours to make. So ladies step out in style and get yourself a great date. Good Luck!


Pay Attention to the Signs Following a Beakup

The idea of love can be quite a complicated one. Many loving relationships adhere to a standard structure. Two people meet up, begin to date, fall in love and ultimately marry. It is the natural advancement of a romantic relationship. Similar lovers will not be as lucky as to enjoy this type of quiet relationship. Their particular partnership could be a tad difficult in the process. They will often split up for a while and after that comprehend they were intended to be with each other. At times breakdowns in relationships can certainly be a wake up call for the couple. The short-term time separated can provide them time for them to step back as well as contemplate his or her feelings pertaining to each other. Other breakdowns in relationships might be lasting – or at least feel in that way for one of the persons in your relationship.

At times the particular dissolution of a romantic relationship is actually one-sided. It may be the break up was mutual simply for one of you. This results in somebody certainly not delighted that now the couple aren’t together. That aspect of the twosome can start giving clues as to his or her sensations. If you are open, that is wonderful. It may be the pair of you could possibly get with each other and also talk about why the split up took place and if there might be a potential for reconciliation. There could be signs my ex wants me back. Sometimes the signs my ex wants to get back together are fairly clear. They will always keep meet you almost as if they’re seeing your each and every move. They leave not very simple remarks on social networking alerting you to their own emotions.

It may be rather clear how to tell if my ex wants to get back together. All those previously mentioned procedures are only a few of the signals. Together with those indications there is not question does my ex want me back? It could be the time to reopen a kind of communication along with your former mate. However, if if you should ever feel vulnerable or in any sort of jeopardy, you may want to contact the police just in case issues gets dangerous. Partnerships are generally complicated. Break ups make them much more so, but paying attention to signs of your sweet heart could help you sort things out if your romantic relationship ends.


Tips On How To Be Sure Your Connection Will Continue To Develop

As time passes, partners become a lot more complacent with each other and this is often misinterpreted as an individual pulling away. Lots of women may ponder, is he losing interest? They’re going to wish to know in case something is going on and thus their particular relationship needs to be fixed or if perhaps they’re doing okay and just starting out to leave the honeymoon phase. There are solutions to be more assertive within the relationship as well as to be able to make certain he remains serious about the connection.

Something many people question will be how to know if he’s pulling away. They may wish to do a quiz on the web or perhaps read through content articles that discuss how to determine if a person is pulling away within a relationship. However, they need to also explore precisely what to do in case they believe he is starting to pull away to enable them to make an effort to get the connection back where it should be. There’s really a lot a person will do in case they think the other individual is actually commencing to pull away or lose curiosity. They should make certain they really are aware of exactly what kind of person their particular companion is and also ought to attempt to be as understanding as possible.

They ought to in addition be confident it’ll work out wonderful and, whenever they believe they should, they may want to be a bit more aggressive in receiving precisely what they need. It is crucial to stay away from being way too aggressive, nonetheless, if that’s something the other partner may well not enjoy equally as much and to remember to merely be herself. They do not have to change for the other partner, yet they do wish to ensure their significant other is a priority in their life and also be mindful that they should not push too hard if perhaps the other significant other will not enjoy it just as much.

Be sure you know how to know if he’s withdrawing and how to know if he’s losing interest. In case it appears like he really is pulling away, then discover exactly how to handle it as well as exactly how to bring him back again to where he’s committed to the connection once again. It is possible to do, but it requires a substantial amount of knowledge and understanding. Read far more regarding it now so you will realize exactly what to do if perhaps this is occurring within your partnership.


There Could Possibly Be Indications That Your Romance Is Not Over

Relationships can be difficult at best. An individual might imagine almost all is going very well and abruptly your partner determines that some time aside might be best. You ponder precisely how you’ll be able to go from loving someone one minute never to wanting to be around these folks the next. Break ups are incredibly very challenging to the feelings. Anyone could have doubts. You question what happened. You question what you could have done to maintain the connection balanced. You miss your partner and also question constantly does my ex still love me.

Occasionally folks head out his or her separate ways simply to allow them to have time and energy to figure things out. Maybe many people do not understand when they are the sort man or woman to stay in a lasting partnership. Possibly believe that some distance will be a great idea. This really is irritating to you personally, however. You take a seat and hold out not knowing what to anticipate. You keep in mind signs my ex still loves me all over the place. You speculate how to tell if my ex still loves me. You examine social networking continually to find out if there’s a information about that may possibly express your ex’s genuine sensations.

You could be on target together with the examining involving social networking. Not surprising that this is a good way to tell if my ex still loves me or not. Your partner could be contacting friends for you. You could possibly make a post about your emotions along with your past spouse likes it or maybe will make a opinion. If you get a nighttime text from your old flame while he or she can be not in full control, that is the pretty good indicator that you will be still about the thoughts. Maybe your ex lover is appearing in some of the locations you used to visit regularly collectively. this will likely mean they are really feeling nostalgic relating to your romance. Possibly a possibility gathering there may rekindle previous sensations. Often folks should just have a break to find simply how much they might handle the other. So in the event that this kind of fits your needs, be aware that all will not be misplaced. Always keep aware for virtually any signals that your romantic relationship may not be over and also be hopeful. You may possibly just reconcile after all. Just Keep in mind to look for those indications.


Obtaining Ideal Hair Conveniently

Numerous hydrating products don’t conclude once anyone leave the actual shower, according to Also if most likely not heating up your curly hair, an individual ought to comb by way of a defensive product. The idea can minimize split ends, dryness, frizz, and also even secure your coloring! It’s some sort of common belief that changing up your current hair treatment brands helps to keep your tresses healthier since it by no means gets moment to adjust, but specialists disagree. As an alternative, they propose finding exactly what works with regard to you as well as sticking using it. Recall: Your frizzy hair doesn’t understand the variation. And although it’s completely fine to be able to change points up while searching regarding that ideal combination in which leaves an individual with mind-blowing strands – once a person find this, don’t permit it move.

For almost all the focus people spend to typically the hair once a product leaves the particular scalp, fifty percent the challenge for gorgeous hair is usually already dropped by exactly what you’re placing in your own body each day. Based to professionals, what a person eat has a enormous role within gloss, development, and quantity, as per and also other specialists.

A vitamin-rich diet regime will certainly help induce your frizzy hair follicles intended for growth. Gurus recommend changing between slim red various meats, chicken, as well as fish through the few days for the best hair well being. Even in case your diet plan is perfect, it’s achievable you’re missing out on out in a few important hair-boosting vitamin supplements. Not positive if a person need these people? The solution from is throughout how healthy and balanced your epidermis and fingernails or toenails look. Intended for example, when there is ridging or when you possess flaky, dry skin, probabilities are your current hair is actually crying away for assist, too. Yet that’s effortless to change: Once a person start getting the proper combo regarding vitamins, mineral deposits and herbal products, you could get larger, shinier, and also stronger tresses in only a couple of months. Added bonus: Your fingernails and epidermis will furthermore benefit.

A person see typically the damage in which a time without direct sun light protection really does to your own skin, nevertheless even even though your curly hair suffers simply as significantly, it can easily be tougher to explain to. To stop sunlight injury, professionals recommend using any leave-in moisturizing hair product at minimum every various other day. Cautious application through mid-shaft for you to the finishes of curly hair can battle destruction through the summer time big 3 – UV rays, blowing wind, and offshore. Go to to find out more.


Quick and Easy Things to Remember to Have Dating Success

Dating is filled with possibilities around every corner. But before you begin planning for your next date, here are 3 dating rules you should remember.

Dating Rule #1: Dating is a Game!

I have heard several dating experts say to find the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to start looking at dating as a numbers game. But the truth of the matter is – dating is more than a numbers game…

It’s a game altogether! And taking this simple but essential dating rule for granted causes so many people to experience, what seems like, a never ending cycle of bad dates.

Dating Rule #2: Every Game Has Rules!

Dating, like every other game in life, has a set of rules that determine whether or not you will be successful! The people who usually win the game typically spend time learning the rules and developing strategies to compete within the boundaries of the rules.

For example: there are rules about things like…

  • online dating
  • first dates
  • relationship problems
  • flirting
  • when to compromise
  • when to commit
  • how to exit a bad date
  • …and much, much more.

But there are also strategies that you can use to become a pro at navigating each of these unwritten rules! Ask yourself 2 questions…

  1. Do I know the dating rules that my potential mate might know?
  2. Do I have strategies to help me win the dating game?

If you did not answer yes to both questions don’t worry – all is not lost. But you must remember dating rule #3 to have a chance at leveling the playing field.

Dating Rule #3: To Have Success You Must Take Some Time to Learn The Rules!

If you want to have any success in dating you will need to learn the dating rules. If you are unfamiliar with things like…

  • the first date rule
  • the one first date question you must never answer on a date

Chances are you’ve experienced the cycle of bad dates that we spoke of earlier.

Before you go on your next date take a day or so to learn the essential dating rules that will save you years of dating misfortune. It could save you time, energy and money. But more important – it can save you the pain and heartache of another bad date!


Dating Rules for Men and Women

General advice isn’t extremely helpful when it comes to dating. Even if you listen to so called gurus or love relationship experts, it doesn’t always work in the way it should, the way it’s “guaranteed to work.” Advice needs to be tailored to the situation. A hard rocker will not be looking for the same kind of date as a minister, that’s obvious, right? Differences in men and women, their personality types, must be acknowledged as well as individual tastes and mores.

When Dating Rules Are Defied

Clichés (like the old pick up line) are based on ideas that occasionally work, but you also have to realize that gender stereotypes are simply not as true as they used to be, not anymore. Nowadays, women are making the first move and guys are not threatened by it. More women are career-focused, while some men enjoy being stay-at-home dads. Dating rules change.

As you look for romance, you must realize that not every person you meet is going to fall into a neatly defined category. You may even meet someone who is completely without labels, and who challenges your notion of what dating means! What do you when someone can’t be explained as easily as “the jock” or “the cheerleader?”

First, you become fully acquainted with who YOU are. What are your goals and desires for life? Do you fully understand what you are willing to sacrifice for that lifestyle? There is no lifestyle that does not require some elimination of choices and limiting of options. Be sure that you can be happy with your choice. Listen to the advice and experiences of others, but do not assume that just because others did it you can do it too. You need references, but only to make up your own mind.

And of course there are…

Dating Rules That Never Change

There are some basics of human psychology that remain firm, even as social attitudes change. When you form a relationship, you must make yourself vulnerable to pain. Putting up walls does not foster a good relationship. The art of connecting with another person requires patience, a natural curiosity and the ability to talk, to be vulnerable. It involves discussion and the desire to learn about each other with a genuine interest in that person’s life.

We should, above all, be honest to others and to ourselves about what we want out of dating. For instance, these next dating rules are more about courtesy than any manipulation or trick.

You should never:

· Lead someone on, pretending to be interested just to be nice. That could be the worst of both worlds, someone overly attached to you, and sending out signals that you are taken to someone you would like to know.

· Have sex with a person if he/she has expectations you can’t meet. The temptation is always there, but it can create problems that have life changing outcomes, sometimes much worse than you even think. (Er, Fatal Attraction anybody?)

· Lie about who you are. It’s weak and may well get back to someone you do care about. In this overly informed world of social networking, never assume that you will ever be able to maintain a secret forever. If you do not want it publicized, don’t do it.

· Make excuses about your desires or hopes, or try to hide what you’re looking for. It shows that you do not really care about or respect yourself.

· Isolate yourself or “wait” for an opportunity to come by, because it will seldom come out of the blue. You get out of your dating life what you are willing to put into it, nothing more.

· Be afraid of rejection. It’s part of life. Most people in the dating scene can relate to the cold shoulder. Remember that may be a bigger statement about the other person than about you. You should not second guess yourself or make excuses or talk yourself out of taking a chance. The only time you are absolutely assured of failure is if you do nothing.

· Fixate on someone that doesn’t return your affection. It’s always a dead-end. Communicate with the people you like in life and who like you back; plain and simple.

Dating Rules on How to Understand You!

In the end, the best thing you can do for yourself is to use your natural voice and maybe even act a little more extroverted than usual. We tend to fixate on romance rather than life, and that is a mistake. If you are living your life and are open to others joining you, you will find the romance and companionship that you desire with relative ease. You will eventually meet people with common interests if you follow the things you like, and coincidentally, that makes for the best dates.

Never allow your “aloneness” (a good thing sometimes) to become loneliness (a dangerous thing). Desperation will always draw either depression, or even worse, it will attract people who are the least likely to make you happy! That’s right, you guessed it, we mean dysfunctional types.

As you date, realize that the most truly alluring person that you can be is yourself. Being yourself will draw people who are most like you, and most likely to appreciate you, closer. Start loving that person looking back in the mirror.


The Best Wedding Venues In Santorini

By choosing Santorini as your wedding destination you have already ensured to have various numbers of beautiful wedding venues as options. Now you just have to select one!

A Santorini wedding has its own flair: a long history, Mediterranean ambience, friendly people and of course a spectacular ocean view. Here is a list of the best wedding venues in Santorini:

Venetsanos Winery

With the 250 square meter terrace overlooking the Caldera, this venue is especially perfect for a big wedding. The air conditioned outdoor venue is suitable for ceremonies, cocktail parties and dinners. This is very convenient as you don’t have to change locations.

Santa Irini

Also called Agia Irini, is one of the most popular wedding venues in Santorini. It is very romantic for small weddings or elopements. The surrounding and 180 degree ocean view is mind-blowing!

Santo Wines

This location has breathtaking views as well – the Vulcano and Aegean Sea build the perfect backdrop for your wedding. It is the right wedding venue for all demanding couples in the world.

Suits of the Gods

Suits of the Gods is a luxury 5* Hotel in Santorini. It has amazing outdoor areas with beautiful view, all complete with high standard rooms and dining experience.

Dana Villas

Dana Villas is another luxurious Resort with a mix of traditional Santorini design and a modern touch for the elegant ambience, which makes it to a very high class and luxurious one among all the Santorini wedding venues.

Ambassador suites

Ambassador suits is a Hotel which has everything for what Santorini stands for: elegant and luxurious rooms and facilities, incredible traditional architecture and service of the highest standard!

Traditional Windmill

For those who want to have an unique experience in the most special set up you could have. The Windmill offers the perfect backdrop for an Ancient wedding or simply a photo session in a spectacular venue.

Beach wedding in Santorini

Although beaches on the island are stunning a Santorini Beach wedding is not a demanded one. The reason is that couples, who are deciding on a wedding in Santorini, wish to enjoy a typical Santorini or Greece wedding venue with all the main benefits Santorini has, like the stunning white cliffs and beautiful views over the ocean.

Make it personal

Nothing can be ever more unique than adding your and your partner’s personal love story to your wedding. That’s pretty simple to do. You could place some photos of your most memorable moments around the ceremony or reception area; personalize your souvenirs with an engraving or a personal message. Simple details contribute the most to the overall setting.