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Tips To Keep Guests Comfortable At Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful events, especially when they take place in the right location. They are especially wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts, those who spend their spare time in nature, and those who enjoy to garden. However, there can be a number of things to think about when considering this type of event. A number of things could go wrong, from bad weather events to issues with pests. Without proper planning and preparation, what should be a fairy tale day could end up being a disaster with unhappy guests. The following are some tips to keep in mind when planning outdoor weddings:

Choosing a Location

When deciding on where to get married, it is incredibly important to choose the location very carefully. Always try to find a location that has an indoor option in the event of inclement weather. While the hope is that an indoor venue will not be needed, the extra insurance of having it will ease the mind of everyone involved. For wine enthusiasts, vineyards can provide a beautiful backdrop outside while still having weather protected area like a gazebo in the event of rain.

A hotel can also provide an ideal option for a location. There are some gorgeous hotels in lovely areas of the country, and they almost always have a conference room to use if needed. For those who are on a smaller budget and may be using a friend’s large yard, be sure to budget for a tent to protect guests.

Be Prepared With Protective Equipment

In the budget, be sure to include some room for protective items to keep the guests comfortable. Heating lamps are one item to think about if the event is going to be held during a cooler time of year. Also, think about bathrooms if the event is in a remote area. Portable toilets will have to be brought in if there are no other options for guests. Also, make sure there is a working power source at the location. Otherwise, a generator will need to be secured to ensure there are lights and electricity for the big day.

Prepare For Any Potential Weather Events

The topic of weather has come up many times, but it bears repeating that the bride and groom need to be fully prepared for any weather that can affect their big day. In addition to rain, there are also extreme heat and humidity to think about. Sudden cold spells in the fall can also be an issue. Make sure the guests know that the wedding will be outside so they can prepare themselves. If it is especially hot, provide some water bottles and fans to cool the guests down. For colder outdoor weddings, consider providing some fleece blankets as one of the favors so guests can cover themselves.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they do take a lot of planning. Always have an indoor option available just in case. Also have anything necessary on hand to make sure guests are comfortable as possible. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the big day!


Online Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out

Online dating can evoke any number of emotions; confusion, stress, anger, excitement and happiness are just a few. I want to help make your online dating life a little bit easier. Online dating can be difficult and we want to help you spot some online dating profile red flags.

First and foremost, if their picture is either non-existent or a group shot – beware.

These are signs of someone unattractive. If you’re not so concerned with what’s on the outside, then this probably isn’t a red flag for you. But for most, it is somewhat important. Online dating profiles are all about advertising yourself to possible mates, so why hide that?

No creativity.

If the person whose profile you’re checking out shows no type of individual personality, it’s probably a bad sign. The whole point is to find someone compatible with you, so how is that possible if they used the example paragraph the site provides you with? Being generic isn’t a good thing when it comes to online dating profiles; they’re probably boring.

The overuse of clich├ęs.

We all know that the stereotypical online profile states the user is “kind and romantic” and is looking for “someone to share my life with” but that’s all too familiar. Nobody likes that super cheesy guy or girl they know. If they use the standard terms we’ve heard on TV shows and movies, they’re probably not the most original.

Sharing too much information.

It’s an online dating profile, not a diary. No one is going to be interested in you if you spill your guts before you even meet up. Ranting about previous relationships or complaining about what you HATE in a mate is not attractive and a huge red flag. Chances are, if they’re complaining about an ex, they’re probably not over them.

Too many deal-breakers.

If a person’s profile is just a list of things they won’t tolerate in a relationship, they are probably too picky and too bossy for you to deal with. Obviously there are some that are totally acceptable, like if you can’t date a smoker, but if you see they have height or weight requirements and even salary demands, that’s a little over the edge. You probably wouldn’t live up to their standards, so why even try?

Hopefully you found this list of red flags helpful. Dating nightmares happen to the best of us, but we want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.


Type of Relationship Do You Have

Relationships are more than what we want but they are what we need to be our happiest selves. Unfortunately, they don’t come automatically. Most of us have in our minds what a “good” relationship looks like and we choose partners that fit into that mindset. We’ve all seen couples who seem mismatched, while others appear as if they were meant to be. The following are the top 10 different types of relationships:

The On/Off Couple

First on our list of the top 10 different types of relationships is the on/off couple. This is the couple that gets into a fight at Noon and are back in love by lunchtime. It’s a tug of war with every topic of discussion. Each wants to be right and the solution to a problem is to break up. But they realize they don’t want to be apart, so in no time they are together again.

The Motivational Couple

It’s always good to have that person that encourages you no matter what. This couple finds a way to pump each other up, regardless if it’s getting out of bed in the morning or attending class. Being each other’s cheerleader keeps this relationship at full speed.

The “Married” Couple

Some couples have spent so much time together they complete each other’s sentences and get on each other’s nerves – like a real husband and wife! Marriage may be way down the road for this couple but they certainly know how to play.

The Fitness Couple

These two probably met each other at the gym. They work out together, can be seen running all the time, and wear exercise gear everywhere they go. They are the most physically fit couple you know and fitness is a way of life.

The Hipster Couple

They like music that doesn’t exist yet, eat food that hasn’t been heard of yet, and go to the coolest places no one has ever been. They are the cool, hipster couple in their own hip world! You can always learn what’s new from them.

The Long Distance Couple

How sweet is this couple? Well, their cell phone bill probably is not so sweet, because that is their main form of communication. This couple texts like crazy and Skypes until the heavens part. Each second of their free time is spent on-line.

The Too Comfortable Couple

How do you know you’re too comfortable? When you don’t mind your honey brushing their teeth, while you’re on the toilet. And you have a full-on conversation. Yep, you’re too comfortable.

The Love Birds

These two need a room – all the time! This couple can’t get enough of each other and make their friends either envious or sick to the stomach by their PDA!

The Hippy Couple

Remember that couple who lived across the hall from you that wore thrift store clothes, flowers in their hair, and proclaimed peace and love could save the world? Well, that is the hippy couple for you.

The Instagram Couple

Instagram is the most popular social media app we have today. This couple does not disappoint! They can always be found taking selfies and searching for that perfect place to take them. They are driven by the number of likes and comments they get.


Love Is What Love Does

If there is any word in this world that has lost its place in relationships, it’s love. The world has substituted love for everything from people, to money, careers, things, sex, feelings, etc. The saddest thing about it, the replacements has crept their way to church. Most relationships among the people of God are now a reflection of what’s in the world rather than a replica of what’s in the Word. Love itself has not changed. It is built solely on your acts-what you do, what you give-your every act of kindness.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son… ” St John 3:16 NIV

Love is verified through deeds of kindness. It hasn’t lost its luster, its purpose, its drive, or its assignment. It has and always will do what it was originally intended to do. In order to receive the complete manifestation of it, we have to give up our own selfish, inconsiderate and insensitive perception and definition of love and take on the real genuine meaning of it. For the bible defines love as God.

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8 NIV

Love’s definition is so plain and simple, but its people who have made it so complex. In this is generation, most efforts to find love are initiated with dreams of settling down with the fine biceps, nice body, beautiful hair, and that exceptionally financial-friendly person, not realizing that this mindset of settling down is rather more in lines of settling for the imitation version of love. Understand that having someone who’s handsome and beautiful with money is not the problem. The dilemma is failing to decipher what takes precedence over the other in relationship. Do they love you? or have they fallen head-over-hills in love with what you have? This is not a gender-specific error, for it applies to male and female. People have simply reconstructed the meaning of love and its attributes to fit them and their own personal agenda, and wonder why relationships often result in death. Understand that when it comes to building anything, especially relationships, the initial start of the construction, the foundation, influences the assembly of the entire building. If your relationship foundation is built on anything other than the things that’s designed to make it durable and stand against the poundings of the heat, rain, and winds, it will sooner or later tumble. At some point, no matter how good it looks, or appear to others, it will come down. How your life of love is built matters.

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it… ” Psalm 127:1 KJV

What Bait Are You Using to Attract Love?

On a journey for love, we have a tendency to display the very thing we want others to like or love about us most. For example, women and men alike, whether consciously or subconsciously, tend to highlight tangible things such as cars, homes, money, etc.; financial statuses, physical physiques, careers, and ministry are included. Please don’t misinterpret this to suggest that all those things carry no weight in relationships, because to a certain degree they do. However, on a search for love, the thing you really need to place emphasis on most is the real genuine qualities of you-no makeup, body parts, financial status, or anything of such. Displaying all these outer qualities draws attention away from the real you. Therefore, leading others to love what you do best; enticing them to place emphasis on your body parts, careers, and monetary status more than you. At the end of the day, when real love comes, it’s looking for you. This rings true in all relationships, whether seeking a spouse, friend, job, business, or even relationships in ministry. You’d be surprised to the many people who falls in love with the idea of marriage or the wedding more so than the person they’re marrying or married to. Many relationships are held together by finances; as many are also intact as long as he or she retains their physical physique. You must remember that the adhesive you use to hold your relationship together will fasten as long as you use the right glue. If the glue you use loses its ability to stick, whatever’s held together by it is at risk of falling apart. With that being said, to ensure real genuine love in your relationships, take advantage of the glue, the love, the God that’s able to make it stick and last. This is the love that is defined and generated by God.

Your Relationship with God Reflects

Your relationship with God is a direct reflection of your relationship with others. For that reason, the bible requires us to love God first, then others as we would ourselves. Rightly so, we’re not ready to love others until we learn how to love God. For loving God teaches us how to love ourselves as well as others. If your love for others is out of alignment or not in the right perspective, then your relationship with God is the same-questionable. We must be careful and intentional about not choosing to make a life with people who do not have a relationship with God. On the other hand, it’s just as risky to pursue relationships with those who do love God, while lacking in that area yourself. That will attract major turmoil for both involved. If he has problems loving God, he’ll have problems loving the people or daughter of God. We’re conceding to allow others to love us according to the world’s standards and not the Word’s when we don’t strategize in relationships. Don’t choose to accept reduced or imitation love over the abundant kind of love that only comes from God. If it means having to wait on the Lord, then wait.