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Dating Rules for Men and Women

General advice isn’t extremely helpful when it comes to dating. Even if you listen to so called gurus or love relationship experts, it doesn’t always work in the way it should, the way it’s “guaranteed to work.” Advice needs to be tailored to the situation. A hard rocker will not be looking for the same kind of date as a minister, that’s obvious, right? Differences in men and women, their personality types, must be acknowledged as well as individual tastes and mores.

When Dating Rules Are Defied

Clichés (like the old pick up line) are based on ideas that occasionally work, but you also have to realize that gender stereotypes are simply not as true as they used to be, not anymore. Nowadays, women are making the first move and guys are not threatened by it. More women are career-focused, while some men enjoy being stay-at-home dads. Dating rules change.

As you look for romance, you must realize that not every person you meet is going to fall into a neatly defined category. You may even meet someone who is completely without labels, and who challenges your notion of what dating means! What do you when someone can’t be explained as easily as “the jock” or “the cheerleader?”

First, you become fully acquainted with who YOU are. What are your goals and desires for life? Do you fully understand what you are willing to sacrifice for that lifestyle? There is no lifestyle that does not require some elimination of choices and limiting of options. Be sure that you can be happy with your choice. Listen to the advice and experiences of others, but do not assume that just because others did it you can do it too. You need references, but only to make up your own mind.

And of course there are…

Dating Rules That Never Change

There are some basics of human psychology that remain firm, even as social attitudes change. When you form a relationship, you must make yourself vulnerable to pain. Putting up walls does not foster a good relationship. The art of connecting with another person requires patience, a natural curiosity and the ability to talk, to be vulnerable. It involves discussion and the desire to learn about each other with a genuine interest in that person’s life.

We should, above all, be honest to others and to ourselves about what we want out of dating. For instance, these next dating rules are more about courtesy than any manipulation or trick.

You should never:

· Lead someone on, pretending to be interested just to be nice. That could be the worst of both worlds, someone overly attached to you, and sending out signals that you are taken to someone you would like to know.

· Have sex with a person if he/she has expectations you can’t meet. The temptation is always there, but it can create problems that have life changing outcomes, sometimes much worse than you even think. (Er, Fatal Attraction anybody?)

· Lie about who you are. It’s weak and may well get back to someone you do care about. In this overly informed world of social networking, never assume that you will ever be able to maintain a secret forever. If you do not want it publicized, don’t do it.

· Make excuses about your desires or hopes, or try to hide what you’re looking for. It shows that you do not really care about or respect yourself.

· Isolate yourself or “wait” for an opportunity to come by, because it will seldom come out of the blue. You get out of your dating life what you are willing to put into it, nothing more.

· Be afraid of rejection. It’s part of life. Most people in the dating scene can relate to the cold shoulder. Remember that may be a bigger statement about the other person than about you. You should not second guess yourself or make excuses or talk yourself out of taking a chance. The only time you are absolutely assured of failure is if you do nothing.

· Fixate on someone that doesn’t return your affection. It’s always a dead-end. Communicate with the people you like in life and who like you back; plain and simple.

Dating Rules on How to Understand You!

In the end, the best thing you can do for yourself is to use your natural voice and maybe even act a little more extroverted than usual. We tend to fixate on romance rather than life, and that is a mistake. If you are living your life and are open to others joining you, you will find the romance and companionship that you desire with relative ease. You will eventually meet people with common interests if you follow the things you like, and coincidentally, that makes for the best dates.

Never allow your “aloneness” (a good thing sometimes) to become loneliness (a dangerous thing). Desperation will always draw either depression, or even worse, it will attract people who are the least likely to make you happy! That’s right, you guessed it, we mean dysfunctional types.

As you date, realize that the most truly alluring person that you can be is yourself. Being yourself will draw people who are most like you, and most likely to appreciate you, closer. Start loving that person looking back in the mirror.


First Date Rules for Women

First-Date-Rules-for-Women-300x224You recently met a really cute guy and can’t seem to stop thinking about him? Will he call you or will he not? What if he tried calling you but couldn’t reach you? What if he left a message on your machine… Anything is possible! Alright, so he finally does call you… Now what? You can’t possibly be thinking of going out to meet him with all your nerves so strung up, now can you?

So calm down, there are a few basic things that women must and must never do on their first dates. Of course these rules will apply only if, that particular date is important for you in the long run. If not, the ball is still in your court ladies. In order to spellbind your ideal man, you’ll need to gear up and drive into the dating arena! A confident and graceful women who knows what she wants and does what she pleases, is irresistible… and that my friend is plain and simple fact. So here are 10 first date rules for women to follow, that will keep the men coming back for more…

#1 – Be Confident
There are no rules to this thing. All you need to do is to be yourself. Remember that he liked you the first time itself, and that’s why he asked you out. And if you’re the one who asked him out, it’s even better, and he knows you’re a confident woman. Win-win situation isn’t it? Let your speech and posture be subtle and poised. Please try to avoid hunching or fiddling with your hair. These will be construed as signs of nervousness. Being well-informed about current events, politics, history, and things in common, will add fluidity to the conversation. Be lively, attentive, soft-spoken, and smart while conversing. Let the guy know that you are intelligent and know how to speak your mind.

#2 – Dress According to the Venue
Let your dress define your personality, but do not let it go overboard. If you are going to a not-so-upmarket place, like an outdoor cafe or restaurant, wear something semi-formal. Such as a short dress with comfortable heels, sandals, or boots. If it’s a classy place, wear a long dress or a short cocktail dress. Do not wear dresses that will give him the wrong impression about you. That being, either overtly eager to please or ultra boring. Add your own style statement so that it becomes evident that you are your own person and that it reflects in everything you say and do. You need not emulate the fashion trends of the season or wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. You must wear what you think suits your personality and fits you well.

#3 – The Right Fragrance Matters
Of course you smell good every time but make special efforts to wear an especially nice perfume on all your dates. If it’s a casual summer date, wear a perfume that has a fresh and fruity fragrance. If it’s a formal date, wear a strong and sensuous perfume. The entire point of smelling good is to keep him curious and interested.

#4 – Is He Even Worth It?
Notice, if he is as punctual and well-mannered as you are. These things are very important as they are bound to cause friction in later days, if both of you ever decide to take things further. Is he chivalrous, does he treat you with respect, is he attentive towards you, and not easily distracted by other females in the vicinity? Is he intelligent and ambitious? Has he strived hard in his career and has dreams of making something more of himself? If so, then he has passed the first test and if not, consider treating this as your last date with this man, please…

#5 – Talk About Fun Topics
We all want to be with people who we can have fun with. So bring out the lighter side of your personality, and tell him about the fun things you have been up to lately. Ask him about his favorite pastime and hobbies. See if you have common liking, such as music, partying, books, theater, or enjoying junk food! (as long as it is, once in a while!) Share experiences about your trips to new places, festivals, or events you may have participated in.

#6 – Observe and Report
No matter how good-looking your date may actually be, don’t let your imagination run wild. Listen to him carefully, you may get important information through seemingly simple statements such as, “I don’t believe in marriage’, or ‘I love hanging out with kids’. These can shed further light into your date’s actual personality as well as his true intentions. Choose what suits you best and go according to your gut feeling. Another reason to observe him carefully is because you want him to know, that you are absolutely interested in getting to know him better. So it’s better to talk less and listen more, especially on the first date. It’s a convenient as well as a safe option because; just in case the guy turns out to be a creep, you would have shared minimal personal information about yourself!

#7 – Big NO!
Don’t let the guy feel like he is your replacement shrink. This is one of the most important dating rules for girls and women of all age groups. Therefore, do not talk about your past troubles on your first few dates with any man! They don’t know you well enough to care and honestly they are least interested. Do not talk about your ex-boyfriend, who you were in a serious relationship with. Let him ask you first and then you can postpone this discussion may be for the 10th meeting or something. Try not to be inquisitive about his past affairs either. Let him discuss these issues on his own, that too if he ever thinks they are important enough to be brought up.

#8 – Let Him Take the Bill
Let the guy pay the bill on the first date. Unless of course, there is an awkward moment. From then on you may choose to dutch-the-bill, from the second date onwards. Don’t worry if the guy doesn’t respond for a second date because of money matters. He just isn’t worth it! Don’t waste your time and move on to the next Mr. Right.

#9 – It’s Not a One-Night Stand
Don’t let him think that the night has something more in store. All he should get, is perhaps a sweet goodnight. You are not expected to give in to anything more, even if you really want to. All that can wait for a later date, when you both are ready and are comfortable with one another.

#10 – Let Him Call Back
Never call him after the first date. Instead wait for him to call you and thank you for a lovely evening. If he does not ask you out again, understand that he is not interested in you. So do not be persistent and do not ask him out instead. Move-on, you have better things to do with your time. Also, if he calls a bit too often, then perhaps you should consider ditching the idea of a second date. You don’t want to be stuck with a desperate man, now do you? Go for a man who is sane and fun, if not the least.

Even though, dating is all about having a good time, there is still a very fine line between being available and being easy. Either way, it’s a matter of personal choice and that choice is only yours to make. So ladies step out in style and get yourself a great date. Good Luck!


Go By the Online Dating Rules

Everything has rules. Some rules are unwritten and just known by word of mouth. Other rules are available in black and white, such as laws. You may have heard of the dating rules, well there are online dating rules to consider as well.

Anyone dating online wants a positive experience. It is possible when considering some rules or things that are in place to help everyone in your situation. When signing up for online dating you will get terms of use information. Those are the website’s rules and each set is different with some similar elements. An example is, most indicate to not be obscene and abuse the services. This is a rule to go by as part of online dating rules if you want to stay on the site.

You might be told to be truthful. There are many reasons to do this. First, you want the people you talk with to be truthful so you owe it to them as well. Second, when filling out your information to help match you with a date it is important to be accurate so you are matched appropriately. Finally, it is lawful to be truthful and often this is mentioned in the website rules as well as on the questionnaire. There are often background checks done, but anyone with ill plans might be able to get past that so be careful. Even if you are trustworthy, but change up your questionnaire to be more interesting if someone finds out it could cause trouble.

Keep in mind as well that you need to be cautious. Go by the online dating rules and keep yourself safe. Don’t give out personal information to just anyone. That means avoiding talking too much about where you work at first or giving out your phone number and address. This is a way of keeping your privacy as well as keeping you safe. It is imperative that you make sure that your safety precautions are in place. There have been instances when people have been cheated by people online masked as dates. But these are just some instances, most of the people have been successful at finding life partners for life.

Furthermore, often when dating it is not considered polite to have several dates, especially once people have communicated a lot. Online dating rules mean it is fine to communicate with several potential dates. This is a way to help you find someone that you want to contact for the next step. If you communicate through e-mail or instant message, but find you are not interested then you tell them. Depending on how you have communicated that is how you break up according to online dating rules. Have you talked on the phone? Then call them to break up. If you have met then an in-person break up is in order.

Whatever the relationship is like, it makes sense to the easy way. Register at a online dating site, troll through the profiles, communicate with those whom you prefer. Let the relationship bloom with the one person that you selected. If all goes well, meet in person.