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How to Make Your First Meeting Comfortable and Enjoyable

first-datingIt can be exciting when meeting your date for the very first time, but it can also leave you anxious wondering how it will all go down. Some people make the mistake of trying too hard to make the date a success, but the more effort you try to make to impress your date during the meeting the higher your chances of failing. Simple preparations and remaining calm during the date can work in making the first meeting comfortable and pleasant for both of you.

Talk the day before the meeting

This is not only helpful in confirming that the meeting is still on but it also works in easing the tension that could be mounting. It will also help eliminate the weirdness of the meeting hence you will find it easy to start and hold a conversation when you finally sit down together.

Clean your record

A large number of singles dating online lie about one thing or the other when dating but when it is finally time to meet your potential partner, it only helps you come clean about things they are about to find out when they finally meet you. A date who cares enough and wants to know you better will not be thrown off balance with such confessions and will still go through with the date. If they can’t handle the confession, then they probably were not what you deserve.

Get ready for the date

Dress nicely for your date and have every hair in place. It doesn’t mean getting all dolled up, but at least make an effort to look good for your date. When you are confident with your image, then you stand to remain confident with the entire date because you will be feeling good about yourself.

Meet publicly

It is not only a matter of safety but also a very good way of easing tension between you too. When you meet in a public place you have lots of things around you that you can use to keep the conversation going and it helps you both relax and enjoy the company.

Don’t act any differently

Let the person you have been online reflect when you finally meet face to face. Yes, you might be tense about the date but do not allow this to make you act any differently. Remember your online image is what has made the person like you and when you are honest about who you are from the start, then it should not give you any problems keeping up with the person they know. For instance, if you have flirted online, then do not try to act as though you are the most innocent person on earth. Instead, use body language to make express what you did not express on the phone or mail.

Talk and listen

Showing that you are listening is very important when you meet but you should also play an active role in the conversation. Strike a balance between talking about yourself and asking questions, then listen attentively to what your date has to say.

Likely dating success start with knowing what you want in terms of relationship and the kind of person you want. When you have everything figured out awkward moments are greatly reduced.


Quick and Easy Things to Remember to Have Dating Success

Dating is filled with possibilities around every corner. But before you begin planning for your next date, here are 3 dating rules you should remember.

Dating Rule #1: Dating is a Game!

I have heard several dating experts say to find the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to start looking at dating as a numbers game. But the truth of the matter is – dating is more than a numbers game…

It’s a game altogether! And taking this simple but essential dating rule for granted causes so many people to experience, what seems like, a never ending cycle of bad dates.

Dating Rule #2: Every Game Has Rules!

Dating, like every other game in life, has a set of rules that determine whether or not you will be successful! The people who usually win the game typically spend time learning the rules and developing strategies to compete within the boundaries of the rules.

For example: there are rules about things like…

  • online dating
  • first dates
  • relationship problems
  • flirting
  • when to compromise
  • when to commit
  • how to exit a bad date
  • …and much, much more.

But there are also strategies that you can use to become a pro at navigating each of these unwritten rules! Ask yourself 2 questions…

  1. Do I know the dating rules that my potential mate might know?
  2. Do I have strategies to help me win the dating game?

If you did not answer yes to both questions don’t worry – all is not lost. But you must remember dating rule #3 to have a chance at leveling the playing field.

Dating Rule #3: To Have Success You Must Take Some Time to Learn The Rules!

If you want to have any success in dating you will need to learn the dating rules. If you are unfamiliar with things like…

  • the first date rule
  • the one first date question you must never answer on a date

Chances are you’ve experienced the cycle of bad dates that we spoke of earlier.

Before you go on your next date take a day or so to learn the essential dating rules that will save you years of dating misfortune. It could save you time, energy and money. But more important – it can save you the pain and heartache of another bad date!


Safety Precautions To Take When Meeting Your Online Date For The First Time

With scams taking place all over, the dating world has not been left behind. When you are looking for love online, you really cannot be sure of what the real intentions of the other person are. It is important that you remember your safety no matter how much you think you like and trust someone. You really can’t leave loopholes until you are certain that the both of you are reading from the same script.

The test comes hard when you decide to meet face to face because you may never know what the other person has planned out for the date. For this reason it helps to take a few safety precautions just to be sure. You should actually uphold them for a few more one on one meetings until you feel comfortable with your date and until they have earned your trust.

1. Meet in a public place

This can’t be said enough times; you really are safer when in the public eye than when in a private setting. Meeting in a public place makes it hard for both of you to indulge in anything too fast, but at the same time it helps keep any ill motives at bay. Choose a nice place where you can have some fun, but let it be in public.

2. Choose your meeting time carefully

It is one thing to meet in public, but quite another if you are going to get there late in the evening when everyone else is leaving; it does not give you any form of security. Make sure that you time the date in such a way that you meet in broad daylight and when there are other people around. Don’t meet too early or too late and if possible make it clear to your date that you if they don’t show up by a certain time you would have to leave.

3. Inform someone of your whereabouts

This is very important because at least your family and friends would know where to start looking for you in case they get the jitters. If you are a woman and you are not very sure about how things will turn out, you can have someone accompany you and keep watch from a distance just to give you that extra comfort.

4. Carry a phone with you

It makes it easy for your family or friends to reach you and for you to reach them too in case of anything. Make sure you recharge your battery and load the phone with enough airtime just so you remain covered while you are out on the date.

5. Go home alone

No matter how good the date goes, do not allow your date to walk you or accompany you home; this is something that can come later. It is actually advisable that you keep your home address a secret until much later when the relationship has progressed and you feel a need to open up to each other a little more.

Online Otley dating can be fun, but you really cannot assume that everything will work out as you want or desire. Always keep your safety in mind, no matter what; you can never be too sure.


Online Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out

Online dating can evoke any number of emotions; confusion, stress, anger, excitement and happiness are just a few. I want to help make your online dating life a little bit easier. Online dating can be difficult and we want to help you spot some online dating profile red flags.

First and foremost, if their picture is either non-existent or a group shot – beware.

These are signs of someone unattractive. If you’re not so concerned with what’s on the outside, then this probably isn’t a red flag for you. But for most, it is somewhat important. Online dating profiles are all about advertising yourself to possible mates, so why hide that?

No creativity.

If the person whose profile you’re checking out shows no type of individual personality, it’s probably a bad sign. The whole point is to find someone compatible with you, so how is that possible if they used the example paragraph the site provides you with? Being generic isn’t a good thing when it comes to online dating profiles; they’re probably boring.

The overuse of clich├ęs.

We all know that the stereotypical online profile states the user is “kind and romantic” and is looking for “someone to share my life with” but that’s all too familiar. Nobody likes that super cheesy guy or girl they know. If they use the standard terms we’ve heard on TV shows and movies, they’re probably not the most original.

Sharing too much information.

It’s an online dating profile, not a diary. No one is going to be interested in you if you spill your guts before you even meet up. Ranting about previous relationships or complaining about what you HATE in a mate is not attractive and a huge red flag. Chances are, if they’re complaining about an ex, they’re probably not over them.

Too many deal-breakers.

If a person’s profile is just a list of things they won’t tolerate in a relationship, they are probably too picky and too bossy for you to deal with. Obviously there are some that are totally acceptable, like if you can’t date a smoker, but if you see they have height or weight requirements and even salary demands, that’s a little over the edge. You probably wouldn’t live up to their standards, so why even try?

Hopefully you found this list of red flags helpful. Dating nightmares happen to the best of us, but we want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.


Online Dating Wrong Doing

It is quite unfortunate that people don’t always turn out to be what they seemed. The internet, including social networks and dating sites have become a scammer’s paradise with their motive usually being money. When dating online you could feel desperate to meet a potential single, but you really can’t allow this to blind you into a scam. If you are keen enough, you will be able to see scammer behaviors and avoid or report them before they harm you in any way. Here are some of the red flags that should caution you.

Humbling requests for money – This is the commonly used trick to extort money from singles dating online. Usually the scammer will start off nicely with you only to give you a very sympathetic story and solicit for financial help from you. Remember that some allow for a considerable time to pass between you two before they can make the money approach. Never respond to such monetary requests, even if you already feel a connection with your date because they might only be after money and nothing more.

Money offers – Apart from asking for money from you scammers can also use the strategy of offering you money for nothing at all. Some even tell you of a get rich scheme that will benefit both of you, but usually they are only trying to fish for your bank details and any other financial information you could be willing to share with them. Money can be tempting when offered, but be on high alert if such a scenario takes place because to receive the money you would need to give banking details that can be used to fraud you.

Quick declarations of love – In all honesty, it takes time for someone to get to know you enough to love and this should still apply even when you are dating online. If someone declares love for you in a matter of hours, days or weeks, allow the bells in your head to ring hard. It is possible for people to fall in love quickly but if you haven’t even spent any time together, then this would be hard to come by. It could be thrilling to hear such declarations because love is what got you in the dating site in the first place, but don’t be hasty with anything no matter what.

Suspicious requests – The most innocent and common requests include those that ask you to get in front of your webcam nude and give a sexy show to your date. Scammers are tricky enough to record such and they will use the footage later to blackmail and threaten you into sending them money or they expose you to the world. Apart from the videos, you should never send any indecent pictures to your date because they might just end up being used to blackmail you. No matter what kind of relationship you are looking for, be very careful with what you share online.