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Planning an All-Inclusive Beach Wedding

Beach-WeddingA beach wedding is a unique experience that you may really want, however, nature may have her own unpredictable agenda on your special day. The best tip I can offer is that you need to make sure that your select all-inclusive resort property offers a feasible backup plan if your ceremony or reception will be taking place on the beach.

In the event of a sudden storm your chosen resort should always have a secondary venue that is in close vicinity to your original venue so the wedding you and your guests can move quickly to that new location with minimal disruption. Now be really careful, because many vacation properties that do claim they have a backup location may end up being located on the other side of the property. These are important details to discuss and clarify with the resort wedding coordinator the moment you arrive at the property. Plus, when time permits have the coordinator walk you through the primary venue and show you where the secondary location is in the event that your beach ceremony is disrupted.

The experienced wedding coordinators who handle many destination weddings at their property will automatically monitor the weather the day of the ceremony. If there’s a chance that rain or high winds are going to be an issue, they will immediately discuss that you go with the backup venue and avoid the primary venue. I know this can be a real disappointment for you, but due to possibility of safety issues involved for the couple, guests and resort staff, it’s unfortunate that this would be the only option available unless the weather improved dramatically and early enough in the day.

When Having a Beach Ceremony is Non-Negotiable!

When you are completely set on having a beach ceremony and there is no room for negotiation, there are select resort properties that can offer the best of both worlds. When it comes to having a beach ceremony, these resorts have a number of options, including semi to fully covered wedding gazebos located directly on the beach. If it happens to be a rainy day, the ceremony can proceed under the covered Gazebo that will have the necessary protection from the elements.

If you’re looking to also have your wedding reception on the beach, this can be more complex as there’s other factors involved. One example is the resort staff having to transport the food from the kitchen to the beach venue, which can be compromised by heavy rain or high winds. Of course once the food arrives at destination, it also needs to be protected from the elements. Some resorts provide covered venues close to the beach, and it’s best to consider these inclusive properties if having a beach reception is extremely important to you. They may be higher in budget, but will give you peace of mind knowing that your ceremony and venue is protected.

You May Have to Sign a Waiver for your Wedding on the Beach

Vacation resorts that offer dinner receptions directly on the beach may enforce that you rent a covered tent on the beach for you event. However, if you don’t agree with the tent option, many resorts will make you sign a waiver that includes disclaimers where they are not responsible for any damage or disruption that is related to any bad weather. If you sign this disclaimer, the resort will be responsible to find a secondary location, but they would not be responsible for any costs related to the disruption. This is important to keep in mind when searching for your beach wedding venue.

When you find the right all-inclusive resort that offers a solid backup option for your beach wedding, it will allow you to relax and enjoy the overall experience with no sudden surprises!


The Best Wedding Venues In Santorini

By choosing Santorini as your wedding destination you have already ensured to have various numbers of beautiful wedding venues as options. Now you just have to select one!

A Santorini wedding has its own flair: a long history, Mediterranean ambience, friendly people and of course a spectacular ocean view. Here is a list of the best wedding venues in Santorini:

Venetsanos Winery

With the 250 square meter terrace overlooking the Caldera, this venue is especially perfect for a big wedding. The air conditioned outdoor venue is suitable for ceremonies, cocktail parties and dinners. This is very convenient as you don’t have to change locations.

Santa Irini

Also called Agia Irini, is one of the most popular wedding venues in Santorini. It is very romantic for small weddings or elopements. The surrounding and 180 degree ocean view is mind-blowing!

Santo Wines

This location has breathtaking views as well – the Vulcano and Aegean Sea build the perfect backdrop for your wedding. It is the right wedding venue for all demanding couples in the world.

Suits of the Gods

Suits of the Gods is a luxury 5* Hotel in Santorini. It has amazing outdoor areas with beautiful view, all complete with high standard rooms and dining experience.

Dana Villas

Dana Villas is another luxurious Resort with a mix of traditional Santorini design and a modern touch for the elegant ambience, which makes it to a very high class and luxurious one among all the Santorini wedding venues.

Ambassador suites

Ambassador suits is a Hotel which has everything for what Santorini stands for: elegant and luxurious rooms and facilities, incredible traditional architecture and service of the highest standard!

Traditional Windmill

For those who want to have an unique experience in the most special set up you could have. The Windmill offers the perfect backdrop for an Ancient wedding or simply a photo session in a spectacular venue.

Beach wedding in Santorini

Although beaches on the island are stunning a Santorini Beach wedding is not a demanded one. The reason is that couples, who are deciding on a wedding in Santorini, wish to enjoy a typical Santorini or Greece wedding venue with all the main benefits Santorini has, like the stunning white cliffs and beautiful views over the ocean.

Make it personal

Nothing can be ever more unique than adding your and your partner’s personal love story to your wedding. That’s pretty simple to do. You could place some photos of your most memorable moments around the ceremony or reception area; personalize your souvenirs with an engraving or a personal message. Simple details contribute the most to the overall setting.


Tips To Keep Guests Comfortable At Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful events, especially when they take place in the right location. They are especially wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts, those who spend their spare time in nature, and those who enjoy to garden. However, there can be a number of things to think about when considering this type of event. A number of things could go wrong, from bad weather events to issues with pests. Without proper planning and preparation, what should be a fairy tale day could end up being a disaster with unhappy guests. The following are some tips to keep in mind when planning outdoor weddings:

Choosing a Location

When deciding on where to get married, it is incredibly important to choose the location very carefully. Always try to find a location that has an indoor option in the event of inclement weather. While the hope is that an indoor venue will not be needed, the extra insurance of having it will ease the mind of everyone involved. For wine enthusiasts, vineyards can provide a beautiful backdrop outside while still having weather protected area like a gazebo in the event of rain.

A hotel can also provide an ideal option for a location. There are some gorgeous hotels in lovely areas of the country, and they almost always have a conference room to use if needed. For those who are on a smaller budget and may be using a friend’s large yard, be sure to budget for a tent to protect guests.

Be Prepared With Protective Equipment

In the budget, be sure to include some room for protective items to keep the guests comfortable. Heating lamps are one item to think about if the event is going to be held during a cooler time of year. Also, think about bathrooms if the event is in a remote area. Portable toilets will have to be brought in if there are no other options for guests. Also, make sure there is a working power source at the location. Otherwise, a generator will need to be secured to ensure there are lights and electricity for the big day.

Prepare For Any Potential Weather Events

The topic of weather has come up many times, but it bears repeating that the bride and groom need to be fully prepared for any weather that can affect their big day. In addition to rain, there are also extreme heat and humidity to think about. Sudden cold spells in the fall can also be an issue. Make sure the guests know that the wedding will be outside so they can prepare themselves. If it is especially hot, provide some water bottles and fans to cool the guests down. For colder outdoor weddings, consider providing some fleece blankets as one of the favors so guests can cover themselves.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they do take a lot of planning. Always have an indoor option available just in case. Also have anything necessary on hand to make sure guests are comfortable as possible. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the big day!


Your Fairy-Tale Wedding Dress

The day you’ve dreamed about… Walking down the aisle with prince charming in his sleek, charming four piece suit that scream class and sophistication and not to mention possibly rented for the special occasion. That dream of eventually looking like a fairy-tale princess and all eyes on you and not leaving out the fact that the most cherished and adorned piece of item that sums up the whole voyage of marrying your soul and best mate is ultimately the most expensive item for you as a bride to be. It’s supposed to take roughly a whole year to source your dream wedding dress and within that time frame, chances are you would need numerous alteration and fittings to suit your changing figure, which I’m sure would trigger the need to go on a diet or possibly a crash diet to lose that unwanted love handles that seems to breakdown our world if we don’t lose it just in the nick of time to achieve that perfect hourglass or that supermodel figure for just that one special day.

If you fall into the category of wanting to buy and have the perfect wedding dress, probably a designer named, then spending that amount that could cater for one tenth of the total wedding budget is one to thread carefully and carelessly at the same time if you want to achieve that fairy-tale wedding. However some brides to be would even go as far as buying more than one wedding dress, so that they have a choice on the day and another dress for the evening duration of the event. You would assume that, they perfectly deserve to buy as many dresses as they want since they are spending their hard-earned cash that they carefully planned and saved for and rightly so to spend as they please. Would it have crossed the barrier if finance is scarce and some would take a loan without a blink of an eye to maintain that dream wedding just so that they can be happy and cherish that happy day for as long as they are still within that marriage with prince charming?

It is definitely hard and poignant at the same time, knowing that this wedding dress would only be worn by the bride for just one day and potential would find it difficult to sell that season dress, since mandatory every year, designers introduce their latest collection meaning that the dress that was purchased would be depreciated and would radically lose its monetary value and potential buyers for second-hand dress or even worse, a dress that has been bought for a wedding but the bride had no chance to wear it for many unforeseeable reasons and not a guarantee that it would sell and fetch the money invested from the beginning, let alone a demand for that style and taste with the next year season.

Therefore after searching and speaking with disillusioned and irritated brides, the consensus response and ultimate solution would be summarised in these hopeful (I say hopeful because in an ideal world, it would work perfectly) three tips to avoid falling into this trap and coming on top, but this tips would purely be for the brides who are not overtly concerned about wearing a brand new or a designer named gown for that special day. If you are indeed that bride who cherish and dream of wearing first edition only dress, do not feel guilty as after all it is your special day and you rightly in your element to feel special whether you are spending a quarter of a deposit for a mortgaged house.

1. Look and enquire about a rental wedding dress

This is somehow not a popular trend for wedding dress designers, but I’m sure it would be interesting and beneficial to be able to rent your gown and spend a small fee for couple of days rental and can be returned in a pristine condition, just how groom and grooms-men outfit is rented, this would be amazing if designers offers this service.

2. Look into buying a second-hand dress

This may sound overly unpleasant and remind brides about how financial unprepared they are about their special day and the embarrassment may reach its peak especially when you see glossy and stunning gowns every single day. However cub that feeling and replace with the awareness that this day is important for one momentous day and the rest will just be great memories that will be stored and replayed over and over again but one that cannot be changed or altered. Therefore, the possibility to buy a gown already worn before but one that is in fabulous condition and great quality that it cannot be identified from a new gown, with the obvious major difference of price, which would be far cheaper than the original gown is perfectly sensible and logical.

3. Look into the minimum(budget) and affordable dress

Mostly the cost of a dress will indicate whether it’s by a designer or the dress is customised and bespoke, which will clearly cost a large sum of money, so this require uttermost discipline from the bridal party to maintain and stay on course. By allocating the bare minimum estimated and keeping abreast of the budget and not deviating from the target expenditure, you would be in control and it would help you stay consistent and focus by ultimately achieving the happy ever after.

There are many ways to achieve that fairy-tale wedding and looking like a princess, but by keeping to this tips, which I want to reiterate can only be a great solution if the service of rental is possible and you completely at ease if you don’t mind spending less on a second-hand dress. So to round it up sweetly, by having an open mind, great attitude, an eye and ear to spotting opportunities, then I’m sure your special day will be magical without the mammoth price tag.