Love Is A Gift

The one thing that makes loves hard to understand is the fact that we try to understand it with the mind while we can only understand it by heart. Love is a gift that God granted to us so freely by giving His only son to save us from sin. We in turn naturally extend this love to people around us and even though you could end up loving two people in two different ways, it is love nonetheless. There is really nothing that is more beautiful than to have the ability to love others and nothing feels better than to have others love you.

Where do we go wrong?

Today love appears overrated and not very many people know how it really feels to love and to give love as the gift that it is supposed to be. By trying to love using our heads, we have ended up sliding love into sexuality and when this happens, we lose the true meaning of love. Most people today are those that love expecting something in return but love as a gift should be given without expecting anything in return. When we end up having expectations simply because we love, then getting disappointed is easy which explains why there are so many sad and unhappy relationships today.

When you love, then you will want the best for the other person and you wouldn’t be too inclined in what they give back to you. Actually the fact remains that not many people will make you feel appreciated for the good you do onto them and when you focus on this lack, then you could even lose your ability to love and appreciate people around you. Love should be given as a gift in that you do it to make others happy and to make them feel you care without really hoping that they will gift you back. When you are able to give love happily and without any expectations, then you will definitely be more fulfilled and content.

How to love

Before anything else, you must learn to love yourself before you can love people around you. When you love yourself, you will feel happy whether you are single, in a relationship or in a marriage. Marriages based on love survive the test of time compared to those unions that are based on other conveniences they offer such as financial stability. To love yourself, concentrate on your traits and accept any flaws you are not comfortable with. When you accept yourself for the person you are then you will be confident and content, hence making it easier for you to extend the love to people around you.

Feeling inadequate can have negative effects on your confidence and self-esteem and this affects your view of love and how you give it. By accepting the person you are, you will know your worth and you will also manage to see others for who they are regardless of their flaws. When this balance is achieved, you most definitely will be able to share love as valuable gift.

Relationships are based on love, but how you look at love determines the value those relationships hold and how meaningful they turn to be in your life and the lives of others.