Online Dating Red Flags You Should Look Out

Online dating can evoke any number of emotions; confusion, stress, anger, excitement and happiness are just a few. I want to help make your online dating life a little bit easier. Online dating can be difficult and we want to help you spot some online dating profile red flags.

First and foremost, if their picture is either non-existent or a group shot – beware.

These are signs of someone unattractive. If you’re not so concerned with what’s on the outside, then this probably isn’t a red flag for you. But for most, it is somewhat important. Online dating profiles are all about advertising yourself to possible mates, so why hide that?

No creativity.

If the person whose profile you’re checking out shows no type of individual personality, it’s probably a bad sign. The whole point is to find someone compatible with you, so how is that possible if they used the example paragraph the site provides you with? Being generic isn’t a good thing when it comes to online dating profiles; they’re probably boring.

The overuse of clich├ęs.

We all know that the stereotypical online profile states the user is “kind and romantic” and is looking for “someone to share my life with” but that’s all too familiar. Nobody likes that super cheesy guy or girl they know. If they use the standard terms we’ve heard on TV shows and movies, they’re probably not the most original.

Sharing too much information.

It’s an online dating profile, not a diary. No one is going to be interested in you if you spill your guts before you even meet up. Ranting about previous relationships or complaining about what you HATE in a mate is not attractive and a huge red flag. Chances are, if they’re complaining about an ex, they’re probably not over them.

Too many deal-breakers.

If a person’s profile is just a list of things they won’t tolerate in a relationship, they are probably too picky and too bossy for you to deal with. Obviously there are some that are totally acceptable, like if you can’t date a smoker, but if you see they have height or weight requirements and even salary demands, that’s a little over the edge. You probably wouldn’t live up to their standards, so why even try?

Hopefully you found this list of red flags helpful. Dating nightmares happen to the best of us, but we want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.