Online Dating Wrong Doing

It is quite unfortunate that people don’t always turn out to be what they seemed. The internet, including social networks and dating sites have become a scammer’s paradise with their motive usually being money. When dating online you could feel desperate to meet a potential single, but you really can’t allow this to blind you into a scam. If you are keen enough, you will be able to see scammer behaviors and avoid or report them before they harm you in any way. Here are some of the red flags that should caution you.

Humbling requests for money – This is the commonly used trick to extort money from singles dating online. Usually the scammer will start off nicely with you only to give you a very sympathetic story and solicit for financial help from you. Remember that some allow for a considerable time to pass between you two before they can make the money approach. Never respond to such monetary requests, even if you already feel a connection with your date because they might only be after money and nothing more.

Money offers – Apart from asking for money from you scammers can also use the strategy of offering you money for nothing at all. Some even tell you of a get rich scheme that will benefit both of you, but usually they are only trying to fish for your bank details and any other financial information you could be willing to share with them. Money can be tempting when offered, but be on high alert if such a scenario takes place because to receive the money you would need to give banking details that can be used to fraud you.

Quick declarations of love – In all honesty, it takes time for someone to get to know you enough to love and this should still apply even when you are dating online. If someone declares love for you in a matter of hours, days or weeks, allow the bells in your head to ring hard. It is possible for people to fall in love quickly but if you haven’t even spent any time together, then this would be hard to come by. It could be thrilling to hear such declarations because love is what got you in the dating site in the first place, but don’t be hasty with anything no matter what.

Suspicious requests – The most innocent and common requests include those that ask you to get in front of your webcam nude and give a sexy show to your date. Scammers are tricky enough to record such and they will use the footage later to blackmail and threaten you into sending them money or they expose you to the world. Apart from the videos, you should never send any indecent pictures to your date because they might just end up being used to blackmail you. No matter what kind of relationship you are looking for, be very careful with what you share online.