Planning an All-Inclusive Beach Wedding

Beach-WeddingA beach wedding is a unique experience that you may really want, however, nature may have her own unpredictable agenda on your special day. The best tip I can offer is that you need to make sure that your select all-inclusive resort property offers a feasible backup plan if your ceremony or reception will be taking place on the beach.

In the event of a sudden storm your chosen resort should always have a secondary venue that is in close vicinity to your original venue so the wedding you and your guests can move quickly to that new location with minimal disruption. Now be really careful, because many vacation properties that do claim they have a backup location may end up being located on the other side of the property. These are important details to discuss and clarify with the resort wedding coordinator the moment you arrive at the property. Plus, when time permits have the coordinator walk you through the primary venue and show you where the secondary location is in the event that your beach ceremony is disrupted.

The experienced wedding coordinators who handle many destination weddings at their property will automatically monitor the weather the day of the ceremony. If there’s a chance that rain or high winds are going to be an issue, they will immediately discuss that you go with the backup venue and avoid the primary venue. I know this can be a real disappointment for you, but due to possibility of safety issues involved for the couple, guests and resort staff, it’s unfortunate that this would be the only option available unless the weather improved dramatically and early enough in the day.

When Having a Beach Ceremony is Non-Negotiable!

When you are completely set on having a beach ceremony and there is no room for negotiation, there are select resort properties that can offer the best of both worlds. When it comes to having a beach ceremony, these resorts have a number of options, including semi to fully covered wedding gazebos located directly on the beach. If it happens to be a rainy day, the ceremony can proceed under the covered Gazebo that will have the necessary protection from the elements.

If you’re looking to also have your wedding reception on the beach, this can be more complex as there’s other factors involved. One example is the resort staff having to transport the food from the kitchen to the beach venue, which can be compromised by heavy rain or high winds. Of course once the food arrives at destination, it also needs to be protected from the elements. Some resorts provide covered venues close to the beach, and it’s best to consider these inclusive properties if having a beach reception is extremely important to you. They may be higher in budget, but will give you peace of mind knowing that your ceremony and venue is protected.

You May Have to Sign a Waiver for your Wedding on the Beach

Vacation resorts that offer dinner receptions directly on the beach may enforce that you rent a covered tent on the beach for you event. However, if you don’t agree with the tent option, many resorts will make you sign a waiver that includes disclaimers where they are not responsible for any damage or disruption that is related to any bad weather. If you sign this disclaimer, the resort will be responsible to find a secondary location, but they would not be responsible for any costs related to the disruption. This is important to keep in mind when searching for your beach wedding venue.

When you find the right all-inclusive resort that offers a solid backup option for your beach wedding, it will allow you to relax and enjoy the overall experience with no sudden surprises!