Quick and Easy Things to Remember to Have Dating Success

Dating is filled with possibilities around every corner. But before you begin planning for your next date, here are 3 dating rules you should remember.

Dating Rule #1: Dating is a Game!

I have heard several dating experts say to find the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to start looking at dating as a numbers game. But the truth of the matter is – dating is more than a numbers game…

It’s a game altogether! And taking this simple but essential dating rule for granted causes so many people to experience, what seems like, a never ending cycle of bad dates.

Dating Rule #2: Every Game Has Rules!

Dating, like every other game in life, has a set of rules that determine whether or not you will be successful! The people who usually win the game typically spend time learning the rules and developing strategies to compete within the boundaries of the rules.

For example: there are rules about things like…

  • online dating
  • first dates
  • relationship problems
  • flirting
  • when to compromise
  • when to commit
  • how to exit a bad date
  • …and much, much more.

But there are also strategies that you can use to become a pro at navigating each of these unwritten rules! Ask yourself 2 questions…

  1. Do I know the dating rules that my potential mate might know?
  2. Do I have strategies to help me win the dating game?

If you did not answer yes to both questions don’t worry – all is not lost. But you must remember dating rule #3 to have a chance at leveling the playing field.

Dating Rule #3: To Have Success You Must Take Some Time to Learn The Rules!

If you want to have any success in dating you will need to learn the dating rules. If you are unfamiliar with things like…

  • the first date rule
  • the one first date question you must never answer on a date

Chances are you’ve experienced the cycle of bad dates that we spoke of earlier.

Before you go on your next date take a day or so to learn the essential dating rules that will save you years of dating misfortune. It could save you time, energy and money. But more important – it can save you the pain and heartache of another bad date!