Safety Precautions To Take When Meeting Your Online Date For The First Time

With scams taking place all over, the dating world has not been left behind. When you are looking for love online, you really cannot be sure of what the real intentions of the other person are. It is important that you remember your safety no matter how much you think you like and trust someone. You really can’t leave loopholes until you are certain that the both of you are reading from the same script.

The test comes hard when you decide to meet face to face because you may never know what the other person has planned out for the date. For this reason it helps to take a few safety precautions just to be sure. You should actually uphold them for a few more one on one meetings until you feel comfortable with your date and until they have earned your trust.

1. Meet in a public place

This can’t be said enough times; you really are safer when in the public eye than when in a private setting. Meeting in a public place makes it hard for both of you to indulge in anything too fast, but at the same time it helps keep any ill motives at bay. Choose a nice place where you can have some fun, but let it be in public.

2. Choose your meeting time carefully

It is one thing to meet in public, but quite another if you are going to get there late in the evening when everyone else is leaving; it does not give you any form of security. Make sure that you time the date in such a way that you meet in broad daylight and when there are other people around. Don’t meet too early or too late and if possible make it clear to your date that you if they don’t show up by a certain time you would have to leave.

3. Inform someone of your whereabouts

This is very important because at least your family and friends would know where to start looking for you in case they get the jitters. If you are a woman and you are not very sure about how things will turn out, you can have someone accompany you and keep watch from a distance just to give you that extra comfort.

4. Carry a phone with you

It makes it easy for your family or friends to reach you and for you to reach them too in case of anything. Make sure you recharge your battery and load the phone with enough airtime just so you remain covered while you are out on the date.

5. Go home alone

No matter how good the date goes, do not allow your date to walk you or accompany you home; this is something that can come later. It is actually advisable that you keep your home address a secret until much later when the relationship has progressed and you feel a need to open up to each other a little more.

Online Otley dating can be fun, but you really cannot assume that everything will work out as you want or desire. Always keep your safety in mind, no matter what; you can never be too sure.