The Special and Unique Feeling of Life

Love is a psychological sentiment which comes out like other emotional feelings like curiosity, anger etc. Through the vision of psychology, in this article, I am going to discuss two parts. The first part is about intimate love and interrelated parental and the second part is about significance and importance of love and adoration on inspiration and pair-bonding.

At the time of young age, our parents should support us with all kinds of spiritual and material foster. The most important thing is that their support should be selfless and unconditional. Otherwise, it is really hard for us to survive in this world for a longer period. Thus, it is considered that parental love is unforgettable and it is in a way similar to the intimate love as both of them are interrelated. This is the reason why we always look for the most capable and responsible guidance for our future.

We find now that our parents sometimes motivate us to know about love. I still remember my father told me that love is creativity. It’s an art of living beings. If we humans are getting love in our life, that means we are blessed. We are lucky that we are getting someone’s unconditional and selfless love. Thus, you can know now that our parents can easily motivate us with the benefits of love and it grows from generation to generation. They can nurture their children with good things and make them to not being a materialistic person in their life.

While parental love is important in our life, at the same time we need the basic intimate love also at a certain age. Our body needs to develop with time. With the intimate love we share our emotions, feelings to our partners. Even in a conjugal life, a wife after a certain time plays the role of a mother of her husband. She cares for him and nurtures him with all emotions. After the all day hard work, the husband finds peace in the lap of his wife, which he used to get before in his mother’s lap. So, now it can be seen that parental love and conjugal love are really interrelated.

Every living being at a certain moment enjoys the universal feeling of love. If we talk about the living beings, you can see that even animals also know the touch of love. As an example, it is seen that a mother dog also cares and protects her babies. So, this feeling is not only for human beings, it is rather felt by each and every living being.

It is basically related biologically and rotates in a circle. When a child is born, the parents forget everything except taking care of him/her. They find their life in nurturing the baby. They spend their whole life in it. After the baby grows up, he/she finds his/her life partner and then it rotates in a biological structure.

Even according to Mahatma Gandhi, love is life. So, every person should find his/her life and enjoy it throughout their life. Remember that love can make your life heavenly. So, you should never waste your feelings.